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Install-Integrate project gets the aim of becoming a trusted middle layer between service oriented processes. Many organization tend to use web service integration as a part of their structure nevertheless for business strategy, it can be important to control the access to web services and keep track of the events in lifecycle. For instance, governmental organizations use web service to communicate in between and each organization is responsible for the security and auditing. Install-Integrate project offers a generic solution to these independentness and provides a middleware between two service oriented application to communicate via Install-Integrate. The primary concerns of Install-Integrate are access control, authentication and auditing. Authentication is made on an IP basis with username and password. Therefore, in addition to the network layer security as VPN, install integrate server behaves as an extra application layer protocol. Authorization is done via administrator and auditing with all content can be achieved. From the development side, the most striking property of install integrate is to be a generic web service consumer and provider. From this perspective, the application use the advantage of generic SOAP notation. The main reason to select a service oriented integration is the degree of platform independentness. Generic call method can accept any indirect web service method call requests and there is not a limitation on the SOAP version of both sides. Web interfaces of the product can be categorized into two entities as for admin and for user. User can reach the allowed web services list and properties from the web page whereas admin can control all the configuration and monitor the system from the web interface. Reliability check is another important issue of the system as hashing is used for function signature and arguments to check and man

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