The Inspiration Of The Odyssey

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Many youths and adults across the globe read the odyssey, some had to others choose to, some enjoyed it while others disliked it. However, one thing stands the same, most people, no matter what the circumstances, don’t think about or even realize the inspiration the Odyssey has had on today’s world thousands of years after the famous novel was written. Homer’s Odyssey has more importance than just being an old, lengthy and well-written novel. The book has inspired modern literature, movies, art, music, science and transportation. The Odyssey has been inspirational in many aspects of our lives, but they can be narrowed down into 2 categories; entertainment and science. One of the more obvious inspirations the odyssey has had on our society is its role in entertainment. Movies, Music, Art and Books, yes, books are considered entertainment. In Hollywood movies and music the Odyssey can be found all the time. In the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou? starring George Clooney many scenes and even most of the plot is based off the Odyssey. The Movie is about a man who has to escape from jail and get back to his children and his wife, who is going to marry someone else. This is like how Odysseus has to get back home from Troy to his son and get rid of the suitors who court his wife. Just like Odysseus, George Clooney’s character goes through many adventures, some highly similar to the Odyssey. He gets a prophecy from a blind prophet, Odysseus and Tiressias, he runs into sirens, Odysseus and the Sirens, he is beaten by a “Cyclops” but then later gets him back, Cyclops eats some of Odysseus men but Odysseus gets back by blinding him and he has the head of the jail always looking to cause him harm, just like Poseidon always caused Odysseus harm. Most importantly though, George Clooney sings the Song Man of Constant Sorrow which is practically the same thing that Odysseus
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