Inspiration Essay

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I have two people that really inspire me and have a really big impact on my life. They do so many things and its wonderful how they do it. The maun person is my mother. My mother was 15 when she had her first child, my oldest brother, and she is still very successful. She went all the way through college even though she had a son she didn't give up on her dreams or on him. That's why I just don't understand how now a days when kids get pregnant they just give up and drop out of school. My mother is the best mom anybody could ask for. She is always there for me no matter what is going on she is always ready to give aa helping hand my mom is so wonderful I want to be just like her when I get old. She makes good money even though she is a teacher now she has saved up so much she doesn't even have to work anymore if she really wanted to but she does anyway. My other inspiration is my father. He is a strong and powerful man. He has been with me since day one. My father helps me out with every little from no matter what it is he is there. If it wasn't for my father I don't know what I would be doing he made me into the young man I am today and I love him for that. My dad used to threw so many obstacles at my brothers and me. At first I didn't know why but as I got older I understood it was so that we would know how it would be in the real world. My dad never gave up on anything he wanted to do. No matter how mad it made or how difficult it was my dad was going to finish it.I just hope one day I can be just like my mother and father, my biggest

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