Inspector Goole Essay

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Give advice to the actor playing Inspector Goole on how he should present the character to an audience. Inspector Goole, you are a police officer who has come to investigate the background to a young woman’s suicide. You are an imposing character and should dominate the play. You are also an organised and methodical character. You should be confident when delivering speech and sometimes even smug. You are an alknowing character and you should enjoy proving the Birlings wrong. To begin with, you must create ‘an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness’ at your entrance so that you are seen as a character who is going to have a big impact and as someone who is going to dominate the play. You should do this by being confident in speech and stature. The lighting when you arrive in the scene ‘should be brighter and harder’ which will help create the impression that you are going to create that big impact. In the stage directions it is also discussed that you should ‘speak carefully, weightly’ and ‘have a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person’ you address ‘before actually speaking’. This habit of staring at each character before speaking to them will suggest that you can see into things and will help develop the feeling that you are an ‘alknowing’ character. Furthermore, you must act as though you are incorruptable when replying to Mr.Birlings offer of ‘a glass of port – or a little whisky?’. You should do this by speaking with confidence. Also, when Mr. Birling tries to take control by mentioning his social connections you must act as though his status has no effect upon you. As discussed you are a methodical and organised character and so when conducting your investigations you must act in this way. As stated in the play, you like to deal with ‘one person and one line of enquiry at a time’ and so when confronting each individual character
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