Inspector Calls Gcse Essay (a Grade)

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This is a A Grade essay :) Q: How does Priestley present contrasting views of Birling between the scene when the inspector arrives, and later in the play? The opening extract shows Mr Birling in an increasingly bad light. In keeping with the mood of celebration at the dinner, priestley shows that Birling's initial greeting of the Inspector is warm enough as he is 'still on the Bench' and as a magistrate sometimes has to sign warrants for the police. His assumption about the warrant allows Birling to act like someone enjoying the power of being in a superior position, placing the Inspector in a role of adjectives to describe his way of speaking and behaving - i.e ''Impatiently'', ''restlessly'''. However, he is surprised to learn the true reason for the Inspector' s visit, and the way Priestley changes the direction of the plot and the change of mood, reverses their positions placing the inspector in control, something clearly resented by Mr Birling. Both his actions and what he says further support the picture we have seen at the start. Having recognised Eva Smith's photograph, his explanation of how he sacked her not only backs up his earlier assertion that he is a 'hard headed business man' but also reveals how a man who prides himself on his status in the community can be ruthless in a pursuit of lower costs' and higher profits' even if this unfairly penalizes his workers. Priestley also conveys his cunning-ness, shown his realisation that the strike could not last since after the holidays, "they'd all be broke" and this adds to the impression of a heartless and ruthless man. Other characters also help build a picture of Birling in the opening section. Eric's defense of the workers brings about a vicious verbal attack from Birling which pours scorn on Eric's lack of business experience and reveals his bitter feeling towards

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