Inspector Calls Analysis Of Eric's Character

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Nour El Dessouky 10T 7/10/2011 Analysis of Eric’s Character in an Inspector Calls In the book an inspector calls there was many interesting characters introduced to us like Gerald, Eva, Eric, Mrs. Birling, Mr. Birling, Sheila and Inspector Goole. Out of all those characters the one that attracted me the most was Eric Birling. Eric is in his twenties, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Birling and brother of Sheila. He was always considered the black duck of the family since they were all hypocrites and only cared about publicity while he felt bad for poor people like Eva Smith. Eric is presented to the readers in two different ways, at the beginning he is presented as an immature person but at the end we find out that he is actually a responsible person. In this essay I’m going to analyze how he is presented at the beginning and who he eventually turns out to be at the end. At the beginning of the story while the family was having dinner Eric kept saying jokes and drinking alcohol. I know this because he quoted “suddenly I felt I just had to laugh”. The fact that he was laughing without any reason shows that he was drunk. This might mean he has a drinking problem which will eventually lead him into trouble and he might also be a bit naïve. Moreover, we know that his parents protected him from the real world and treated him like a child since they didn’t even let him get his own job like people who are less than him would. In addition, we also started to realize that he doesn’t only drink in occasions but that he actually has a problem when he quoted “yes I insisted it seems. I’m not very clear about it”. This quote shows us that he is a drunk since he forced his way into Eva’s house and later he didn’t even remember what happened. By the end of the book we begin to realize that Eric’s true personality that he might be a drunk but he’s still better than the

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