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An Inspector calls Inspector Goole has several roles to play, he is not just a character, he is multifaceted and complex. He is responsible for moving the drama in the play forward and his purpose is to expose the moral defects of the Birling family. Inspector Goole works as a catalyst. The play was set in 1912 as class was important and is the main theme throughout the play. The Inspector is central to the play; he is commanding and authoritative in speech and stage directions constantly show Goole ‘cutting in massively’ or ‘cutting through massively’ as he dominates the characters, including Mr and Mrs Birling who usually dominate others. On a symbolic level, Goole acts as a vehicle for Priestley and uses him to express himself. Inspector Goole is sagacious in his knowledge and is a truly enigmatic character that cannot fully be explained. He exposes tension in the Birling family and shows their underlying problems which maintain the constant interest of the audience. It is the Inspector who regularly broaches the concept of ‘responsibility’ which is also another main theme running throughout the play. By doing so, the Inspector is looking to reach out and touch the audience. Priestley is looking to the younger generation to help change the selfishness of society. Sheila knows he is there to expose flaws, faults and vices on their family. The Inspector is used to condemn the supposed respectability of the middle-class factory owners. It is prophetic how the Inspector arrives at the very time when Mr Birling bombastically claims ‘a man has to mind his own business and look after himself.’ He gets straight to the point and introduces the tragedy straight away. The arrival of the Inspector immediately signals an omniscient side to the play. He is a massive presence and is hugely important. Goole’s language is usually blunt and sometimes deliberately harsh. ‘Two

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