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Descriptive words for the characters in Priestley’s An Inspector Calls Taking a different coloured pencil for each character, colour in their names below. Then select descriptive words from the 50 boxes that you feel correspond with the characters. SELFISH SENSITIVE IMPATIENT LYING CONSIDERATE AUTHORITATIVE INSISTANT SARDONIC STERN GUILTY ARROGANT CUNNING SUPERIOR IMPERTINENT MATURE SHARP MISERABLE PERSISTANT ANIMATED PANICKED MANIPULATIVE NAÏVE POWERFUL VILLAIN APOLOGETIC CARING UNRELENTING HYSTERICAL BITTER CONTEMPTUOUS VICTIMISED RESPONSIBLE DECEPTIVE OBSTINATE GRAVE IMPOSING DISTRESSED SCORNFUL VOLATILE TRIUMPHANT INSENSITIVE POMPOUS MYSTERIOUS FRUSTRATING SURPRISED PLAYFUL STUBBORN EMPHATIC ACCUSING FORCEFUL SHEILA MRS. BIRLING ERIC GERALD INSPECTOR MR. BIRLING Copyright ©2006 + Comparing characters - An Inspector Calls TASK 1: Both Gerald Croft and Eric Birling were involved with Eva Smith/Daisy Renton – using points, quotes from the text and comments of your own that expand your ideas, complete the chart below. CHARACTER POINT QUOTE COMMENT GERALD ERIC GERALD ERIC TASK 2: Both Mr and Mrs Birling treat Eric and Sheila like young children. For each of the parents, use the PQC rule to explain this. CHARACTER POINT QUOTE COMMENT MR BIRLING MR BIRLING MRS BIRLING MRS BIRLING Copyright ©2006 + GCSE STUDY GUIDE: A Inspector Calls Includes: - Notes on the play (genre, form, background info) - Plot overview - Priestley – the playwright - Character profiles - Themes - Language - Key quotes - Historical/social context Plot overview : Priestley’s real time play An Inspector Calls tells the story of how a strange Inspector, who goes by the name of Goole, investigates the suicide of

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