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f you want to buy An Inspector Calls, click on the relevant link below. • Buy An Inspector Calls (hardback) from • Buy An Inspector Calls and other plays from The play in performance This is a play that has been very successful in performance: how might the way in which the play is performed draw the audience's attention to the main ideas in it? To answer this you should consider such things as: • Acting - how the actors should play particular episodes • Casting - who would be suited to the various roles • Set - what kind of stage set would work best for this play • Lighting, sound and music - what effects (FX) of lighting, sound and music would help make the play's ideas more clear? This task will work best if you are able to consider the play in at least one version that you have seen, as well as the 1954 film version, directed by Guy Hamilton. Back to top Eva's letter The Inspector tells Mr. Birling that Eva Smith/Daisy Renton “left a letter…and a sort of diary”. The letter could be to her nearest relative or to Gerald Croft. Write - as you imagine Eva would have done - the letter and diary entries (between 1910 and 1912) for the key events in her life, from her starting to work for Birling & Co. to her suicide. Year and month What happens September 1910 Eva sacked by Birling & Co. December 1910 Eva employed by Milwards. Late January 1911 Eva sacked by Milwards. March 1911 Eva becomes Gerald's mistress. Early September 1911 Gerald breaks off the affair. Eva leaves Brumley for two months. November 1911 Eric meets Eva. December 1911/January 1912 Eva finds she is pregnant. Late March 1912 Mrs. Birling turns down Eva's application for help. Early April 1912 Eva's suicide/the Inspector calls* (*Dated by Titanic's maiden voyage.) The diary is also mentioned on pages 179 and 193 (Penguin edition). Back to top

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