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In Act One Of An Inspector Calls, How Does JB Priestley Present The Character Of Birling? ‘An Inspector Calls’ is about a respectful family of high society, being interrogated about a death of a girl that committed suicide. Little did they know that they are all connected to this girl one way or another, they are all part of the chain of events that occurred in her life, each partly responsible. One by one as they confess their stories to ‘Inspector Goole’ they come to terms with the sudden tragedy. But when the Inspector leaves, they soon find out there was no real inspector in the first place… Priestley had a purpose. Too get across a point to the reader/audience. A point with a moral behind the context of the play. For example when the Inspector says ‘’A good deal happened to her after that. But you’re partly to blame’’. Here Priestley uses the Inspector to show that you must be intent on your actions as they could have an affect on others. Like the old saying, ‘what goes around comes around’. But looking at that quote, there’s a different perspective. Could Priestley be telling us something else? That it’s not just one persons’ involvement in another’s life. His telling us that everyone plays their own part in an ordeal that could lead to certain circumstances. To make people realize that the decisions we make, result in some kind of consequence. In Act One, Birling is introduced to the audience. He appears to be a prosperous man, full of authority and so sure of himself when he says “I say there isn’t a chance of War!” Obviously he is disillusioned as no-one can predict future happenings. Initially this tells the audience, that Birling is an absent-minded, smug upper class man, who’s only purpose is to enjoy a life of wealth. In addition, we know that infact there were World Wars after this, so really this tells the audience he’s a bewildered fool.

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