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The story 'an inspector calls' is by J.B Priestly it is set in 1912 two years before the first world war and the play was written in 1945 just after the second world war. The play is set in Brumly, were the Birlings live. At the start of play they are celebrating their engagement of Gerald Croft and their daughter Shelia Birling. The Birlings are wealthy family in the story. An Inspector Calls is all about a girl who has just committed suicide called Eva Smith everything at the Birlings house has a responsibility for her death. In “An Inspector Calls”, Priestley uses a lot of his political views in the Inspectors speeches by using him as a kind of a mouthpiece for his socialism. In 1946-1912 was a new age when people were no longer willing to accept the poverty or the class system that had gone before. Priestley strongly believed that everyone had some responsibility for others in society and not just their own interests. He realised that change was coming and explores this theme in his play. Priestley believed that events are repeated over again unless people face up to their past activities, and only this can bring about a positive and equal change in society. At the start of the play already we know all the characters. There is a dining room table with 5 people sat around it Arthur and his wife Mrs Birling and their two children Eric and Shelia and Shelia`s Fiancée Gerald At the end of the dinner Mrs Birling and Shelia leave while the men have their cigars and port and Arthur gives the two younger ones some advice on life and how to look after themselves “that a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own” this suggests that Mr

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