Inside P&G Revolution Essay

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"Inside P&G's digital revolution" The world economy has began facing serious challenges based on the adoption to both globalization and the emergence of digital technologies. The article "Inside P&G's digital revolution" states many digital initiatives that P&G is implementing to become the most technologically enabled business in the world. Computers, data, systems, network, databases are all the parts of management information systems that help to provide and analyze information from the management point of you with respect to information needs in organization. Robert McDonald, the CEO of P&G, states that networks such as blogs, tweets made possible to have a one-on-one relationship with every consumer in the world. It is very important to receive feedback on company product and follow its marketplace. P&G developed "consumer pulse" that analysis consumer comments, feedbacks about the P&G brand which helps managers to react quickly to all arising problems and provide solutions, as well as maintain the relationship with their consumers, helps them to understand consumer needs and wants and supply them with the products that best satisfies their customers' expectations. Another initiative implemented by P&G is digitizing their operations everywhere, starting at manufacturing plants to the stores where consumers purchase their product. As an example the CEO of P&G is listing use of iPads to download data off the production line in real time and communicate that to a place where the data is being roll up. The use of technology helps the company enhance their productivity and communicate all aspects with their manufacturing plants, stores, consumers in a very efficient way. Control tower is also an example of digitally enhanced operational program used in transportation and logistics. It provides data of all transportation the company is doing, such as
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