Insane Asylum Research Paper

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Nathan LaVanchy UI 100 Pollina Tuesday Thursday 8:00am 11-12-2008 Asylums Paper Not all hospitals are for people who are physically unhealthy. Insane asylums are hospitals for the mentally unhealthy. These places are sometimes referred to as “the nut house,” a place filled with all sorts of crazy people. Insane asylums were brought about near the end of the middle ages. They are very different from the institutions we have today, and use much more advanced forms of treatment. Insane asylums are not always bad and they are needed to keep the mentally ill off the streets and give them a place where they can have some hope to recover. Early asylums were not necessarily hospitals, but more like dungeons where they tortured the crazy people. They were very dirty and the patients were chained up like animals. The treatments were even worse then the surroundings. The treatments ranged from swinging the patients around at high speeds to being branded with a hot iron on the forehead. Obviously this was not making anyone better and if anything was driving the patients…show more content…
Depending on the condition and how serious it is, some people can go see a therapist 5 days a week. Another idea is to get away for a while, get a change of environment, and get away from the stress at home or at work. But if all else fails there is a seat waiting at your local asylum. However, some people who have very serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia need a mental health hospital to go to. Mental health facilities, insane asylums, mental hospitals, the nut house, whatever you want to call them they are still needed and will be needed for a long time. They provide the public with more security because the public knows that a bunch of lunatics are not running the streets hurting themselves or others. Asylums are not bad, they are a positive place for people to seek help so that they may lead a normal happy
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