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Acceptable Use Policy Freedom of expression is a fundamental concept and an inalienable human right. Freedom of expression includes the right to freedom of speech and the right to seek, receive, and pass on information. These rights apply to minors as well as adults. Schools facilitate the exercise of these rights by providing access to information regardless of medium used. The Internet is a tool for life-long learning. It is a global communciations network connecting hundreds of thousands of computers and individuals throughout the world. It is essential to preparation of citizens and future employees in our society. Access to the internet enables students and faculty to explore thousands of libraries, databases, bulletin boards, and countless other diverse and unique resources while communicating and collaborating with people all over the globe. Our goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence and improve student achievement. Our school expects that faculty will use the Internet in a way that complements curriculum and will provide guidance and instruction to students in its use. Internet resources will be evaluated prior to use as much as possible. However, students will have access to resources that have not been previewed by our staff and they will be given guidelines and resources that are appropriate to learning. Any person using school-provided Internet access is responsible for reading, understanding, and following the guidelines as described in this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Users are expected to exercise reasonable judgment in interpreting these guidelines and in making decisions about using school-provided Internet access. Any person with questions regarding our AUP should ask for clarification from a member of our faculty. Use of school-provided Internet access shall constitute acceptance of the terms of our AUP.

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