Input and Output of Information System Essay

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Financial Information system Inputs to financial information system is strategic plan or corporate policies.It contains major financial objectives and projects financial needs. Transaction processing system receive transaction data which is contain many important information such as payroll, inventory control, order processing and others.The external sources are annual report and financial statement of competitors and general news items.Outputs of Financial information system is profit or loss of the business and also the cost of system used.Uses and management of capital in planning strategic,external and internal auditing the financial report is outcomes of financial information system. Accounting information system The input of accounting is provides aggregated information on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and other applications.the outputs of accounting is to produce forecast of future condition such as financial budget.The report produce periodly to show the flow of fund on certain end of certain period,accounting will comes out an annual report to show the gain or loss of business to stakeholder. Marketing information management The internal sources is organization’s strategic plan used by marketing to target sale and projection.strategic plan contain information about sales force,product and service pricing,promotion and new product features.Sale data on product is include sale activity by customer,product and geographical region.Marketing use to formulate future sales,develop advertisement.External sources of marketing is comes from competitor such as new product and service,pricing strategic,strength and weakness of exist product.Competitive data obtain from material,sales promotion and internet. Marketing more relies on external sources of data which obtain from customer feedback, survey, competitior or internet
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