Input And Output Devices Essay

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Input and Output Devices Name: Aysha Haneen Device Name | What is it used for? | Advantages and disadvantages | Keyboard | The keyboard is used to enter text and number into a computer.The keyboard also has function keys on it to allow users to access features quickly without having to use the mouse. The most common type of Keyboard is called a QWERTY keyboard. It gets its name from the first six letters on the keyboard. The keyboard is set out in out in the way that it is to slow down the user and to help minimize mistakes.Some of the keyboard we have in school have English and Arabic letter on them allowing different alphabets to be entered. | A keyboard can be used to enter data quickly if the person using the keyboard can touch type. If not it can take longer to enter than if it was being done by sound recognition.A keyboard has lots of short cuts on it allow users to complete task quickly but you have to know the short cuts first.Using a keyboard for long periods of time can be bad for your health, it is important to task breaks when using for a long time. | Mouse | A mouse is an input device that allows you to click, select, and to scroll up and down a page. It basically controls what you do on the monitor.The mouse usually has 2 buttons (a right and left click) and a centre wheel. The centre wheel is used to scroll up and down. While the left and right click are used to click and point on things | Disadvantages:The older styles of mice have roller balls and can become clogged making them inaccurate.They require a flat space next to the computer.If used a lot it can lead to health problems.Advantages:They require very little training Works well with the keyboard for entering data.They are perfect when used with a desktop computer. | Microphone | A microphone is an input device that allows you to input sound. The way it works is basically that
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