Innovative Livelihood Approaches Essay

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LIVELIHOOD PROMOTION THROUGH DIVERSIFIED AGRICULTURE SUPPORT A PAPER ON THE INTERVENTIONS MADE BY UPDASP Support by: UNDP India Acronyms DASP: Diversified Agriculture Support Project IPM: Integrated Pest Management IPNM: Integrated Plant Nutrient Management SHG: Self Help Groups HYV: High Yielding Varieties FFS: Farmer Field School DPC: District Project Coordinator FIG: Farmer Interest Group PCU: Project Coordination Unit SREP: Strategic Research Extension Plan PRA: Participatory Rural Appraisal ICTD: Integrated Crop Technology Demonstration SMF: Small & Marginal Farmers SAU: State Agriculture University 1. Introduction: Despite a sustained economic growth in the last decade, poverty continues to blight the lives of a large population of the country. The governments have continuously tried to include the poor in the development process especially the rural poor who are concentrated in the areas where rainfed agriculture is the main source of income. However, poverty persists because of limited and inequitable access to productive resources, such as land, water, improved inputs and technologies and microfinance, as well as vulnerability to drought and other natural disasters. Low levels of literacy and skills conspire to keep people in the poverty trap, preventing them from claiming their basic rights or from embarking on new activities to earn income or build assets. Livelihood promotion is one of the ways adopted by the development agencies to reduce poverty. In recent years poverty was perceived and defined as multidimensional, and the poor were no longer thought of as a homogenous group. Hence there has been a number of ways to promote livelihoods in a sustainable manner so the poverty can be tackled in an effective and efficient manner. One of the priorities of such programmes has been working in rural areas
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