Innovative Ideas On Making Expert Students Essay

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Innovative Ideas On Making Expert Students We are all gathered here today because we are facing an academic crisis among our students. We are all familiar with the fact that our national BGCSE average has been a “D,” and for many years we have attributed this appalling letter grade to a number of factors, from issues in the home, to unruly or even illiterate children. There will always be factors that we as educators cannot control. But we cannot let them become excuses that stop us from producing capable students. The question that therefore arises and the reason you are all here today is to address this; “How can we produce top students?” How can we turn those “D” into “A’s” and “B’s” and turn out creative, productive, analytical and ethical members of the Bahamian society? I believe that it is possible and today I will give a few suggestions on how we at Queen’s College can seek to make this change. What are expert students? In order to know what we are striving for, we must first answer the question, “What are expert students?” Expert students have many qualities that allow them to maximize their learning experience. According to the educational theorists, Sternberg and Williams, expert students display these three characteristics; they learn efficient study strategies, they are open to challenges and they are willing to overcome problems. (Sternberg & Williams, 5) The more expertise students have at being students, the more they will be able to learn and use what they have learnt in class. The top student approaches school just like any professional approaches their job or career. Specifically, expert students use effective learning strategies and monitor the effectiveness of those strategies. They have high aspirations, high perceived self efficacy, high pursuit of a task to completion volition, high responsibility for themselves and their

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