Innovative Ideas Essay

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Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management Institute of Engineering Pulchowk campus MSTIM 2068 Connecting to Community with Technology The Idearium A collection of ideas Proposed for mini research The Idea League (Group A) A reality show based on idea competition to nurture ideas into reality Description We have seen national football and cricket leagues. We have seen a number of reality shows on singing, dancing and comedy competitions. So, we thought why not a National Idea League and a reality show based on that. The league will be run like how the football league is run, from root level to national level, and a television (and internet) program will be run to show the competition. The business model is as shown. Digitizing Dairy System (Group A) Using Information communication technology (ICT) to connect the various sub units of dairy. Description The supply chain of milk collection is very broad and distributed and the accounting and information flow is rather complicated. The idea is to ease the supply chain with instant information flow and support the decision making and accounting system. This idea can be implemented with one of the commercial dairy firms. In the research phase, we can go to a dairy and get data of the number of branches, chilling centers and collection center they have. We can also discuss with them the requirements they would want to see in such software. This can be a commercially viable project and can be done at a large scale with required fund and technical manpower. GreenBlue Shuttle Services (Group A) Shuttle Service for corporate and students using electric buses. Description Registered members can use the shuttle buses to go to school and offices. All the buses will be electric vehicles and different communities will own the buses. Apartments and community groups will be targeted. Each
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