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Disrupting Higher Education at Olin Business School Innovation Theme Project Professor Panos Kouvelis “What is the problem?” – Prof. Sam Chun June 12, 2010. Prof. Panos Kouvelis had a nagging problem. It was a problem he had been acutely aware of during his tenure as the Distinguished Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management at Olin Business School at the Washington University in St. Louis. But now as the Director of Executive Programs the problem had become a direct challenge for him to solve. The business school was always trying to find ways to increase enrollment in the EMBA. Considering that Washington University is a fairly large university it struck Prof Kouvelis as odd that there wasn’t a greater interest in the EMBA program from within the WU community, especially the faculty. In a nutshell, the problem that kept Prof Kouvelis puzzled was- how could Olin Business School increase interest and more importantly enrollment in the EMBA program by the faculty members across various schools at Washington University? It was in this context that when one of the teams in class 34 in the EMBA program approached him for guidance for a project idea for their Innovation project that the Professor considered it a reasonable opportunity and asked Team e-cubed to try to come with an answer for his problem. The ACE Framework Assess: Team e-cubed started with an internal exercise to understand the context of the problem. In order to formulate the problem and subsequent strategy well the following issues had to be addressed: 1. Why is the focus of increased enrollment so narrow, i.e. only the faculty and not all WU staff? 2. What is the understanding of the problem on part of various Olin staff members that are involved with the EMBA program? 3. What is Prof. Kouvelis’ end outcome expectation? Specifically, is

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