Innovation Business Software Group D Activity Essay

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Innovation Business Software Group D Activity Innovation and Technology MMBA - 6540 - 1 Innovation CRM Software Group D Activity Part 1 The business software application this team will be covering is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which stands for software in the pharmaceutical industry. The major players in the CRM space in the pharmaceutical industry are as follows: Adami, Cegedim, MindEdge, Appature, Inc, Data3s, Media-Soft Inc, SoftTech, and Veeva Systems. In 2008, Cegedim partnered with Microsoft to boost the effectiveness of its software offerings for pharmaceutical customers (McGuire, 2008). Current Uses of the Business Software Application The latest CRM software from Adami Systems is the result of years of partnerships with pharmaceutical consumers and the resulting findings. The often arduous and compromising adjustment of marketing plans to existing software solutions is now a thing of the past. Building on over 30 years of experience, Adami Systems has developed more complex modules that can be combined as required; enabling a precise representation of your Company’s marketing plans. The CRM software can be installed in next to no time, without lengthy planning or complicated programming. Comfortable to use, this CRM shows complex associations clearly, supports users in daily planning activities and lets people react quickly to current market requirements. Cegedim Active provides software and managed solutions to health care providers throughout Europe (Shaw, 2000). The corporation employs over 1,500 people across nine sites, serving 200 clients with a total of 30 million insured customers. In addition to selling and servicing enterprise applications for health insurance providers; Cegedim Active offers integration services, application hosting services and software-as-a-service solutions to its clients. Cegedim Active
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