Innovation and Sustainability Essay

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Innovation and Sustainability Concern for environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly global. The reason being is our levels of consumption and production. Both our country and big business will play key roles in creating a more sustainable future through transforming their products and services to offer consumers around the world options for a more sustainable lifestyles. The raw materials consumed in the United States have grown substantially since the beginning of the 20th century. These changes reflect alterations in public demand, population growth, and industrialization. Specifically, two of consumption habits humans have related to material resources are oil, and paper. ( Wagner, 1998) Since the early 1960s, world consumption of paper and paperboard has increased by almost seven times. Much of the paper consumption in the North is unnecessary. Office workers in the UK print out 120 billion sheets of paper a year, enough to create a pile more than 13,000 kilometers high. Two-thirds of this paper ends in the bin before the end of the day. North Americans get through 130 billion paper cups a year. The cups are thrown away after 15 minutes of use. (Lang, 2008). Paper production causes a wide range of harmful environmental impacts. By using less of it we can reduce our pressure on forests, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water, air and other pollution and produce less waste. There are also negative social impacts and human rights abuses linked to paper production, particularly in southern countries. Another major consumption of humans that must be sustained before it is too late is our consumption on oil. Oil is one of the major materials that is used to supply our energy. To solve a problem one must understand the magnitude of the problem. To reiterate previous numbers energy is consumed by humans at a rate of
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