Innovatioin Techniques For Freight Forwarding Companies Essay

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Innovation techniques for freight forwarding companies Freight Forwarding (FF) companies and reason why they fail to spot innovations and solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability lies in possible factors and reasons, I consider to be very accurate is the characteristics of Innovative and solution driven methodologies. Shared methodologies for innovations and solutions are; primarily creativity, vision, ambition, passion, discipline, persistence, and few more ahead thinking distinctiveness. On the contrary, though FF industry exception may exist but are order takers meaning that they fulfill requirements and implement client driven process and procedures. Warehousing, logistics, freight management, and trade compliance are main involvements of FF companies. The implementation process requires thinking that is more critical and less creative thinking, which hinders innovations and solutions. A cause effect relation subsequently implies a hardly fact that organization culture, however, vision and mission are encouraging, are not in favor of innovation and solutions. Shared characteristics of FF companies are order fulfillers. The complexity, when considered, is that a local FF company can have divers clients in their portfolio to whom they provide services. Moreover, based on their characteristics, when clients order a specific process or procedures subsequently they will implement, when we consider a simple number of 10 clients, they would have 10 different requirements to implement. When we then look at the regional or even on the global level this numbers folds noticeably that FF companies may perform in some regions very good and in some not as per expectations (based on the volume and level of priority of clients specific to that location). In Summary, FF companies do perform different in different locations do not

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