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Social Work Practice in the Inner City Charity Clavey UMKC School of Social Work SW5536 Research Methods for Social Workers Abstract In considering the population that Reconciliation Services works with and doing a little bit of research on best Social Work Practices, a conclusion was made, that there are a few issues which need to be addressed. The majority of the Troost community members that the agency serves, are African Americans living in poverty. Many are homeless males but there are some young women with children. Many of the clients also suffer from mental illnesses or addiction. There are several implications connected to the inner city/poverty stricken life style, which will be touched on. These implications will be thoroughly discussed in addition to the recommended solutions or best practices suggested to utilize in this type of setting. Reconciliation Services is a non-for-profit agency that delivers emergency assistance and therapeutic services to families and individuals in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The agency assists individuals that are “falling through the cracks”. It has become a last resort for members of the community that are the most vulnerable. The agency addresses clients’ needs in a holistic manner. Reconciliation Services is located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to rebuild the “community one person at a time by enabling growth, forging connections, and empowering individuals”. Its vision is to “see Troost Avenue transformed into the city’s gathering place, where healing, love, joy, friendship and community grow from the scarred soil of discrimination”. Staff members and volunteers hope to see members of the community experience life together and believes that each client should be “treated as if he or she were Christ Himself”. Reconciliation Services attempts to address each client’s individual set

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