Inner Beauty vs. Physical Beauty

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Inner Beauty v. Physical Beauty When you compare them, they seem like they have dramatic differences, but they do have things in common. Beauty, as defined in the dictionary, means the qualities present in a thing or a person that gives pleasure or satisfaction to the mind. Therefore, beauty can be any affable quality of a person. It can be a physical quality or an inner quality to be considered beauty and a person can possess either and still be beautiful. Physical beauty consists of the qualities that one can see; whereas inner beauty consists of qualities that one cannot see, but one can sense. First, physical beauty is the qualities of a person that others can actually see. In other words, physical beauty is the same as ones appearance. The qualities of physical beauty are things such as hair, facial features, clothing, body type, and skin type. Most people that refer to someone as beautiful are labeling a person in this way because of their physical beauty. Physical beauty is how pretty or handsome a person is. It is also the perception that people have on others. Although one person may think someone is physically beautiful, others may not agree. This is because beauty is a quality that gives pleasure to someone’s mind because everyone has his or her own mind; one person may find someone attractive while another person may not find them attractive at all. In addition, physical beauty is the beauty that the majority of people worry about. When looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, very few people date, or marry someone that they do not find physically beautiful. Therefore, physical beauty plays a giant role in today’s society where appearance is far more important than one’s personality or attitude. Secondly, in contrast, inner beauty is the qualities of a person that others cannot physically see. Quite different from the obsessions

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