Innate Intelligence Essay

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Outline and assess the claim that intelligence is innate. (20 marks) What is innate intelligence? Well it’s basically the ability to use logic, see patterns, and explain reasons which a person inherits. It comes biologically through the genetics of a person. A person’s level of intelligence will be influenced by for instance there family background, genetic inheritance, type of schooling and career choices. Innate intelligence is measured through IQ which stands for intelligence quotient. Studies such as Murray & Herrnstein support innate theory, they show that there is a difference in ‘racial’ IQ distribution; there results to the right states that white people are more in the gifted region than black people and the black people are more in the retard region than white people. Murray looks at how ethnicity affects IQ whereas another study Saunders (2011) looks at how class affects IQ. He expresses about how the government concerns about the middle class going into university in greater numbers rather than the working class, the politicians believe there is some unfairness in this situation therefore they have started to stop inflowing cash to those universities that fail to take on lower class applicants. He believes that this is a damaging policy occurring because he thinks politicians fail to recognise that there is difference in intelligence between class for example intelligent parents produce intelligent children. He assumes that’s middle class people he’s been associated with have been middle class and are intelligent. However there are some critics of innate intelligence in this circumstance intelligence is fixed, the critique for this would be IQ tests cannot tell us how much potential a person has. People with low IQ can go on to succeed great things in life. Another critique would be if people believe that intelligence is objectively
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