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Dear tyro, When I was a freshman, I had a lot of problem. And today, I will mention one, “discourse community”, which is very important for you. Because this social form will be in your future life and during your university education, you may probably want to figure it out which situation are you in. I personally understand it as a social form with clear goal to achieve something in a group. John Swales, the author of “The Concept of Discourse Community” tells the difference between “discourse community” and “speech community”. And I will tell you my thoughts about it. I think, the most different point is that discourse community has a wider edge of people while speech community may have more specific situation of people. A group consisted with people speaking specific language or dialect could be called a speech community. Yet discourse community consisted by people who have the same goal, using language or some other tools to intercommunicate with each others; different language would not be a problem. Swales also raise six points to define discourse community. I think a movie called Now You See Me can explain what discourse community is very well. First, a group such like discourse community usually have their own goal. In the movie, four persons with different specialty compose a magician team. They have a same goal—to find out who makes them a team. They may give audience a super magic show or they may steal money from a bank or they do some other completely astonishing crimes. But they are always chasing for a truth that what brings them together. When you are in a team or group where you all have the same goal, the most important thing is to make sure what you want for and go to get it. Secondly, a discourse community has their own specific way to communicate with their group members. In the movie, they often do their own perform in one show. However,

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