Injustice in the judicial system

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Injustice in the Judicial System When the criminal court system was established its intent was to punish the guilty in a humane way and to set the innocent free. From personal experience I have learned that the court system is not about innocence or guilt. The court system is about whom you know and money, usually forcing most people into an involuntary plea. In “Criminal Justice,” it states that, “ the most important real - world fact about our criminal justice system is that a person accused of crimes enjoy no advantages, no matter how many rights the courts and legislatures have apportioned them. For the overwhelming majority of cases, they have no opportunity to exercise any of their rights- instead , these right are plea-bargained away” (64) First of all if you don’t have friends in high places i.e. police, lawyers, politicians, and judges then basically you are up a creek without a paddle. It has been proven time and time again that police, judges, and politicians can be in ones pocket for the right price. Which brings me back to taking a plea, without these people in your court, your life is left in the same peoples hands In “Criminal Justice”, it also states “: because the accused have robust rights, formally it would be to expensive and time consuming actually to permit them to exercise those rights, and as a result defendants are compelled to bargain them away.”(64) Rights are just an illusion created so that you believe you are going to be treated fairly. It also states “ if the prosecutor could not threaten defendants by “upping the ante” so the court reasoned, there would be fewer guilty pleas and the system would collapse.”(155) So the prosecutor can bring even higher charges against me if I don’t plead guilty to my original charges? Makes sense in a corrupt system. In “Criminal Justice”, it states “much of the legal system now exists
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