Injection Medication Administration Essay

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INJECTION MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION * Wash hands * Adhere to the 6 rights of med administration. Check patient name on MAR * Assess for contraindications for ordered meds * Check patient allergies on MAR * Select appropriate syringe and needle type for type and route of injection, taking into account patient size and solution viscosity * Select correct med from unit dose cart, narcotic box or pyxis * Compare med label to MAR (1st check) Check expiration date * Determine correct dosage based upon order and available concentration * Compare label against MAR second time (2nd check) * Draw up med from vial or ampule * Rotate vial/ampule if med requires mixing * Clean rubber seal with alcohol * Fill syringe with air equivalent to solution amount (vial only) * Insert needle into vial and inject air * Invert vial/ampule and remove desired amount * Remove excess air by flicking syringe barrel/injecting air back into vial * Use filter needle (straw) if drawing from ampule * Change filter needle * If mixing 2 meds from vial: * Rotate vials if they require mixing * Cleanse rubber seals with alcohol * Fill syringe with amount of air equal to total amount to be drawn up * Inject appropriate amount of air into 1st vial * Inject appropriate amount of air into 2nd vial * Invert 2nd vial, draw up med * Insert needle into 2nd med, invert vial, and draw up med (do not expel any air/med into this vial); draw slowly and deliberately * Remove needle from vial, change needle if necessary * Check med label against MAR (3rd check) * For insulin, double check dose and vial with 2nd RN * Correctly identify patient * Explain procedure, med, and desired effect * Choose

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