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Evanson Michel Elizabeth McColl September, 27 2013 ENG 231 Jonathan Edwards versus John Winthrop American writers Jonathan Edwards and John Winthrop are well-known names in early American literature. Both of these men were wealthy and held high positions in the church and in the government. With such heavy influence they were able to persuade the masses in term of puritan beliefs and values. Each of these men both have a sermons that they are well known for: The Model of Christian Charity and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Both sermons are clearly different at first glance, but the similarities are salient when they are more closely examined. Winthrop was a wealthy English Puritan lawyer and one of the leading figures in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As a young man, religion was always played a role in his life as stated in his quote: “ My wild and dissolute boyhood soon gave away to an instant thirst to know God” (Lauter). Winthrop realized that England was spiraling down, economically and socially speaking. During that time religious freedom was an unrealized idea. The main religion was the Church of England, which was ruled by The Crown (Schafer) . The monarchy in England was against any form of puritanism instead it favored Catholicism (Schafer). This caused friction in England because puritans felt like they had become “a product of political struggles and man- made doctrines.” (Schafer) In 1629, John Winthrop heard about a new venture called the Massachusetts Bay Company. According to Joseph Schafer article: “Groups of investors would put their money together and establish trading companies. The company would send workers to the new world to obtain furs, spices, and other exotic goods and ship them back to England for a profit “(Schafer) . “Each company had to be specially
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