Inherit The Wind Analysis

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Inherit the Wind is a dramatization of the challenge of thinking differently in a close-minded society. While a thinly disguised rendition of the 1925 Scope’s Monkey Trial, the movie holds its own while being slightly overdramatic. A teacher is arrested for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution, while being outlawed in the school system. Evolution, the theory that we all evolved to better adapt to our world is an unprecedented idea at the time, and comes with much misinterpretation. The people of the town widely accept creationism and fear and quickly label anyone will believes anything different as agnostic Godless individuals without any worth in society. The struggle of having different views has always been difficult, but with beliefs in…show more content…
Under an already electrically charged plot is this sub-plot between Cates and his fiancé, who happens to be the daughter of minister. The town is entirely biased against Darwin with protesters marching in the street burning effigies of Drummond while singing songs of religion. Cates is labeled an agnostic Godless man and is wrongfully hated, such arguments against him include his leave of the church, which happens to be because of a little boy who was sentenced to damnation because he wasn’t baptized which he figured was morally wrong and not like the God he believes in. Drummond and Brady old time friends are now pitted against each other and their beliefs, and one man wanted to enlighten his students of other possibilities. Darwinism, the belief in his theories of evolution was what sealed Cates’s fate. He taught his students of the other possibilities and was misjudged and misunderstood in a small town not seeking change. Drummond, while we learn is highly religious in the end, Some topics in this essay: Drummond Brady, Monkey Trial, Matthew Brady, Supporters Darwinism, Inherit Wind, BT Cates, Henry Drummond, monkey trial, scopes monkey trial, Scopes Monkey, scopes monkey, arrested teaching darwin's, defender god's words, god's words, students possibilities, defender god's, agnostic godless, monkey trial movie, town cates, inherit wind, teaching darwin's, trial
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