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Love is crazy, love is often unkind, but “When love is not madness, it is not love.” Love brought together the two central characters, Bert and Rachel, together in the play Inherit the Wind. Their love, a so called “forbideen love” by the people of Hillsboro, becomes increasingly tested and objected too. Rachel experiences personal growth in dealing with the harsh standards of living Hillsboro presents. The “old time religion” and fundamentalism bring Rachel to a crossroads with her views on life, eventually introducing the idea of leaving her home, forever with her true love. The town of Hillsboro knows only of a few ideas: religious concepts and the act of ignorantly following, not leading. A town that lives by religion, they see evolutionists as “sinners and infidels (15).” Like Mr. Drummond says, people are allowed to think. However, when did following the ideas of others actually count as thinking for oneself? Any roaming thoughts are shot down by a group effort connected to one individual. The so-called “leaders” of Hillsboro hide behind the Bible and hold themselves up as symbols of society. Judge Thatcher believes the trial is not in need of “experts to question the validity of law” in spite of Drummond’s calling on a philosopher as a witness (83).” Their efforts to staunch free thought and repress new ideas are anti-individualistic. They maintain order in Hillsboro by ensuring the town does not allow people to have their own opinions and ideas. The romance between Rachel and Bert Cates complicates Rachel’s individual maturity and frames a main argument in the play: original upbringing versus freedom of thought. Her father and the Christianity practiced in Hillsboro appear more and more cruel and heartless when the people “call down hellfire on the man who has sinned against” God (66). Rachel’s romance with Bert Cates runs parallel to her own personal

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