Infulence of Cinema Essay

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No.3 1 Reports and Papers on Mass Communication The influence o the cinema f on children and adolescents An annotated international bibliography This series of R eports and P a p e r s o n M a s s C o m m u n i c a t i o n is issued by the Clearing House of the Department of Mass Communication of Unesco. Unless otherwise stated, the reports m a y be reproduced in full o in part, provided credit is given to Unesco. T h e following reports and papers r have s o far been issued and are obtainable from National Distributors of Unesco Publications o from the Mass Communication Clearing House, Unesco, Place de Fontenoy, Paris 7e. r R E P O R T S A N D P A P E R S O N MASS COMMUNICATION f NO 1 F ilms and Filmstrips about the work of the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, May 1952 (out o print). A gencies concerned with Educational, Scientific and Cultural Film Section A: No 2 World Film Directory Africa : Section B : America (North,Central and South); Section C : Asia and Oceania ; Secuon D :Europe and Section E : International, July 1952/September 1953 (free on request). No 3 F ilms and Filmstrips about Education. August 1952 (out of print). f A n Annotated Bibliography. October 1952 (out o print) with No 4 U n e s c o Publications on Mass Communication Supplement 1954 (out of print). N 5 Television A n Experiment in Community Reception in French villages. August 1952 (out of print). o N 6 K erosene Filmstrips and Slide Projectors. November 1952 (free on cequest). o N 7 T h e Daily Press A Survey of the World Situation in 1952. December 1953 ($0.40;2/- (Stg.); 1,OO NF). O No 8 E ducation for Journalism 1953. January 1954 ($0.40;2/- (Stg.); 1,OO NF). No 9 Bibliography on Filmology as Related to the Social Sciences. February 1954 ($0.40;2/- (Stg.); 1,OO NF). 0 NO 1 N ewsprint Trends 1928-2952. February 1954 ($0.40;2/- (Stg.); 1,00 NF). 2 F. N 11 Paper for

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