Infosys Shrd Essay

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What are the signs of organizational discontent and how significant they are 1. Variable pay package (company, unit, individual) 2. Changed promotion policy (point no 3, initial perks deprived) 3. Reduced on site visas (policy change) 4. Confusion due to mis-communication (broad banding) 5. Role change requirements 6. Cultural and compensation disparities 7. Bench employees during down turn 8. MNC pay packages 9. Repetition of work (Monotony) 10. C LIFE recruitment given up 11. Average age of employees (26, stability, no responsibilities) 12. ESOP (5-85% of market price) 13. Lack of empathy 14. Disparity of expectation across employee hierarchy Is it evident that Infosys is also showing the tendency of typical entrepreneurial organization that move towards systems and control as a consequence of growth and success? Yes 1. Direct interaction with clients 2. Standardization of processes and lesser manual intervention and human element 3. Stringent and common HR policies through-out the organization 4. C-LIFE given up and compromising on values for growth 5. Attaching numerical value based on role contribution rather than based on individual strategic contribution to the growth of the organization 6. Work culture transition from customised, flexible processes and policies to standardised policies and processes at a greater level If so, what are your suggestions to overcome this? What should be the overall “People Management Strategy” that would help Infosys 1. Improved percolation of information 2. Change work environment so that employees feel valued 3. Promotion policy 4. Increased interaction among various levels 5. Clear idea on variable pay package 6. Rationale for banding of employees to be communicated 7. Internal communication system to

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