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Infosys Case Study

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Infosys is a software development company based in India that has grown from a 7-person garage based operation to a 1,000 person, $12 million dollar organization (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2012).   Infosys primarily services companies in the United States, totaling 70% of their annual revenue.   They are looking to expand to other areas of the world and to transform their company image from that of a ‘quick fix” company to a full service software, technology company (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2012).
Increase Sales Growth
Infosys would like to grow their sales in several ways.   First, they want to expand to countries that they currently do not do business with.   They should be able to accomplish this based on their strong CMM Level 5 rating.   This advises customers that 90 percent of Infosys projects are completed on time (compared to 60 to 65% from US companies) (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2012).   Infosys was also the first Indian company listed on the NASDAQ and their stock has raised five fold since inception ("About Us," 2013).   These strong credentials will attract new business.   Second, Infosys wants to grow the business through a transformation from a ‘great code writer to a one-stop technology services provider” (Spiro, Stanton, & Rich, 2012).   Even though there are constraints in the US market, Infosys has a strong customer base and presence in the US.   This should allow those US customers to continue to work with Infosys and refer their services to other businesses.   Since 2001, Infosys has succeeded in growing globally by harnessing seven key elements.   Among them, ‘Access to 'local' knowledge is critical as emerging economies transform the global marketplace. Products and services must be re-engineered, rather than re-created, to address the specific needs of micro-segments.’ ("About Us," 2013).   Infosys has made changes to create a worldwide presence and continue to grow their sales.
Strategic Sales Management
A sales strategy is a plan for...

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