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Informtion About Stds Essay

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases are infectious.   It can affect any gender of any ages, either rich or poor, and have backgrounds of having sex.
Unfortunately, STDs have become common among teens. They’re more than just an embarrassment. They’re serious health problem. If untreated, it can cause permanent damage such as infertility or even worst, death.
STDs spread easily because people think they can only be infected through sex. That’s wrong. A person can be infected through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area r sore, through sharing of infected needles and blood transfusions of infected blood, and even infected pregnant mother can also spread the disease to her offspring. Also, one can’t tell that he/she is infected. In fact, some people with STD don’t even know that they have them. These are those who are in danger of spreading the disease without even realizing it.
Some of the risk factors are; 1 having premarital sex/ sexual activity at younger age;2 lots of sex partners; 3 having unprotected sex. Some STDs are asymptomatic which are more dangerous that other STDs. Some viral STDs manifests the following; burning sensation when urination, Dysuria or painful urination, abnormal genital discharges, and mild lower abdominal pain.
As with many other diseases, prevention is the key. It’s much easier to prevent STDs than to treat them. The best way to prevent STDs is to abstain from any types of sexual contact and the best way to reduce the chance of getting it is by using condom during sexual intercourse.
People who have done sex should get a regular gynecological or male genital examination to get some advice about STDs and to check for STDs while they’re still in their most treatable stage.
Don’t let embarrassment keep you from seeking medical attention because it may allow the disease to progress an d cause more damage.
Again if you are infected, act now. Don’t let others suffer. If you’re not, be responsible, be aware, and let GOD be the...

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