Informative Speech: Why Not To Visit California

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Informative Speech Outline Topic: California Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of 5 reasons why they should go visit California. Introduction Attention Getter: Imagine waking up to good weather everyday not to cold but not too hot it’s just right and you could do all the activities you want every day. Reveal topic: You can actually wake up like that every day if you choose to move out to California or just to go and visit. Credibility: Every year either winter or summer season I choose to go to California for a week or two and have been doing that for the last 6 years. Every year I go I do something different and if there is something I really liked a previous year I’ll do it again in the next visit. Central idea: Today I’m going…show more content…
The traditional cruise goes around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge, a nice trip that rounds out your San Francisco experience. -Riding a cable car is iconic and fun and uniquely San Francisco, the cable cars are often called San Francisco’s landmark. - You can see the Yosemite Valley an infinite number of times in photographs and films, but they can't capture its stillness on a foggy morning, the thunderous roar of spring waterfalls, and the resounding crack of the hard rock Yosemite falls thawing on a winter morning or the feeling of being dwarfed by its granite walls. -Hearst Castle- Is a 56-bedroom, 61-bathroom mansion, improbably built on a remote hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and that's only the beginning. It’s surrounded by three guest houses larger than most people's primary residences, 127 acres of gardens, an outdoor swimming pool named for the Roman god of the sea, tennis courts and in Hearst's day the world's largest private zoo, Hearst Castle could justifiably be called a monument to eccentric excess, on a scale not possible in the twenty-first century. And that may be what makes it so

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