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Lawrence Ferrell Informative Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade an audience to follow me in my belief that High School players should be able to jump directly from the high school to the pros. Central Idea: There are certain circumstances in which going right to the pros is the best step. I. Introduction a. i. August 20, 1920 - Birth date ii. Plenty of confusion through the 1920s iii. The League was in disarray. (Begin with the Early Years of what has become the NFL. At this time professional football was in a state of confusion.) II. The Early Years (1920- 1940) a. Professional football begins i. American Professional Football Association renamed NFL in 1922 b. The teams’ struggle i. 1st…show more content…
Two leagues' champions met each January in a new AFL-NFL World Championship Game. That game became known as the Super Bowl. g. First Super Bowl i. The NFL's Green Bay Packers easily defeat the AFL's Kansas City Chiefs to win the first Super Bowl. (Not much has really changed since the 1970s; it has been smooth sailing since the merger of the AFL and NFL.) IV. The Later Years (1970-2000) a. NFC and AFC i. The AFL-NFL merger takes full effect as the AFL formally goes out of existence and the NFL assumes its modern two-conference structure. b. First Halftime Concert i. Diana Ross. Ross's performance will kick off a new era in elaborately produced pregame and halftime entertainment. c. STRIKE!!! i. The NFL Players Association (the union representing pro football players) goes out on strike. ii. Hoping to force the NFL into allowing free agency and guaranteeing players a higher proportion of league revenues. iii. Replacement players iv. Lasted 3 months V. Conclusion a. The NFL has come along the way since its birth in August of 1920. b. Everything has been rolling smooth from the nineties until now. c. The NFL is a big part of society and brings a lot of money to the United States. Society is really in need of this help due to the

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