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Speaker's Outline What would you consider about having a child Introduction I. In many circumstances a person would consider what it takes to raise a child before they decide to have them, but do they consider everything that is involved? II. Today I'd like to open your eyes to the straight forward and hidden aspects of raising a child. Thesis Statement: Planning is an essential part of being a successful parent even if it isn’t done before have the child has been conceived. Body I. How much money would it cost to raise a child to the age of 17? A. According to the USDA, a child born in 2011 will cost on average $169,080 to raise till the age of 17. ("United States Department of Agriculture") 1. This money does not include any further education after high school ("United States Department of Agriculture") 2. It has gone up from $25,230 in 1960 ("United States Department of Agriculture") 3. In a report, published by USA Today, it was stated that in the last 4 months of 2011 the median income was $51,413. (Davidson) 4. Is that enough to care for a child? B. Let me break down where the USDA says some of this money is going. 1. 30% of this money goes to housing expenses ("United States Department of Agriculture") 2. Child care is 18% ("United States Department of Agriculture") 3. Education is 17% ("United States Department of Agriculture") (Transition: ) So we considered how much money it is going to take, what else is there? Did you think about how much time it would take to raise a child? II. It’s hard to determine how much time it takes to care for a child every day. A. Everyone’s circumstances will be different. 1. You must consider what you do in a normal day with no kids. 2. Now, take what you do and multiply it by at least 2. B. (Personal story) (Transition: ) All this time takes a lot of energy. III. People are always looking for more
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