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Informative Speech: The Darfur Genocide Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the current genocide in Darfur and how it started. Central Idea: The genocide in Darfur is a huge problem occurring right now and not enough people know about it. I. Introduction A. How many of you know about the current genocide happening in Darfur, Africa right now? How would you feel if you and your family were displaced from your home with nowhere to go? B. Motivation: It is important for us to know about current world affairs because they can be stopped. C. Thesis Claim: Darfur is a growing problem and it is important for each of us to know about this issue because it can be prevented from getting worse and innocent people are being tortured due to a long lying problem. D. Preview of main points: 1. First, I would like to give you all a background of how this genocide began. 2. Then, I would like to inform you on the current problems happening in Darfur today. 3. Finally, I will highlight why this problem is significant to you. II. Body A. First, I would like to tell you how this all began. 1. Darfur is located in the western part of Sudan which is Africa's largest country. According to, Darfur is about the size of Texas with between 30 and 80 ethnic groups and a population of 6 million before the genocide began. Darfur exists primarily on farming and herding. 2. In the spring of 2003 to massive rebel movements began over the historic political and economic marginalization of Darfur. The two rebel groups are the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement. The tension arose when the Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation tried to end a three year civil war between Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. Because of this attempted ending to the civil war over 400 villages were destroyed and millions were displaced from

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