Persuasive Speech: Introduction To SCUBA Diving

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Introduction to SCUBA diving I. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be 80ft under the water looking up at the sky!? A. Well I’m not talking about being a fish I and talking about being a SCUBA diver B. I would like to inform you all today about the equipment used for SCUBA, I would also like to inform you all about the seriousness of diving with a buddy, and dive charts and how they will keep you alive and how they were created. TRANSITION: First, let’s examine the equipment. . .. II. Equipment C. The mask- the mask is very important because you have to be able to see if you’re going to be going underwater right? You want your mask to fit correctly. You can conduct a suction test. 1. A suction test is when you place the mask on your face and suck…show more content…
. . III. Buddy System F. Diving with a buddy is a must! Anything can happen under the water loss of air or maybe even entanglement. ( I will purge octo) 4. Each diver should be equipped with what is called an octo. An octo was designed for buddy breathing it is typically a yellow hose with a yellow regulator. Looks almost identical to the second stage regulator just yellow! ( I will point out the octo) 5. If loss of air a buddy is to give the octo the panicking diver which is called buddy breathing. G. They then must swim immediately up to their decompression point by locking arms you know what you decompression point are by utilizing your dive charts which happens to be what I’m going to tell you about next! TRANSITON: finally, . . . IV. The dive charts and programs, there are two different kinds NAUI and PADI. H. NAUI stands for National Association of Underwater Instructors which started because so many divers were getting the “bends” and after time they realized that there are certain points that divers must do a decompression before surfacing to the

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