Informative Speech on Rollercoasters

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Topic The Thrill of the Scream Machine (Roller Coasters) Purpose: Provide history, safety and interesting facts on roller coasters in America and the world. Thesis: How it all started, roller coasters were designed to be fun and safe. There are fast,tall and exiting roller coasters. Organizational Pattern: I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Please stay seated and fastened your seatbelt, you’re in for a ride of information about the exciting world of roller coasters. B. State Topic- Roller coasters have an interesting background that many of us didn’t know C. Establish the Importance of the Topic (for the audience) Perhaps you don’t think rollercoasters are interesting or safe , but according to details in the book Roller Coasters, I had so much fun I almost puked, by Nick Cook, There are plenty of reasons why these scream machines are loved and trusted by many. D. Establish your Credibility In the Article Steep Thrills, Time 8/4/2014 the author Sam Lansky states, “ after riding Goliath I’m in a delirious half black-out for most of the ride screaming my self hoarse. “Then my heart rste slows, my euphoria passes , I look back up at Goliath and I ride it again!” E. Thesis Statement/Preview First we will see where Roller coasters originated, then we will go over important details engineers focus on to make sure roller coasters are safe ,and last I will tell you the fastest,tallest, nd longest roller coaster! Transition (Write out) II. Body A. First Main Point History of Roller coaster 1. According to the website “ / American Coaster enthuatists’, Roller Coasters originated in Russia where wood-framed ice slides sent sleeders down 70 foot high slopes as early as the 16th century. 2. The first Successful commercial roller coaster

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