Informative Speech On Paramedics

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PARAMEDICS Hi today I will be talking to you about the profession of a Paramedic. First off I just wanted to tell you I chose this topic because earlier in the year I was very interested, and I still am interested, in becoming a paramedic. A basic description of a paramedic is a first responder who gives aid in medical emergencies, automobile accidents and emergency illnesses, such as heart attacks. Or a "part-doctor" hence paramedic. As all of you probably know by now, the requirements to become a paramedic are extremely rigorous. Maybe this is a reason why I am so interested in this profession. The exhilaration and thrill of an everyday job that gives you the opportunity to save peoples life everyday is such a great thought. Paramedics’…show more content…
Paramedics are usually hired by hospitals or by city or provincial governments. Sometimes they work for private ambulance services. Others work for companies in industries where minor injuries are common—for example manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas companies. Becoming a paramedic generally involves 4 steps. The first in which you graduate from a paramedic program with a paramedic diploma. The next is passing the provincial certification exam which is the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant or AEMCA. You are now AEMCA licensed (if you pass your exam) and are now able to apply at any EMS service in the province. Nearby, some include the Toronto EMS, Peel Region EMS, or Durham Region EMS. Earnings for paramedics depend on the employer, location, level of experience, and training. Those who work in urban areas typically earn more than those in rural areas, where many paramedics work as unpaid community volunteers. Most paramedics earn between $35,000 and $80,000 a year. Highly trained paramedics usually earn more than those with only basic training. Now I would like to show you a video that shows the workplace of a paramedic. Some interesting facts on Paramedics include that: Not all paramedics work in ambulances. Some work in police cars, firetrucks, or even research halls. Some paramedics are certified to fly in helicopters. A military paramedic is simply known as a medic The Paramedic logo is the star of life. The six points of the star represent Detection, Reporting, Response, On Scene Care, In Transit Care, and Transfer to Definitive
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