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Introduction Everybody is wearing braids, children, adult, male and female, black and white alike Braids are very trendy, but expensive. They can cost up to hundreds and to thousands of dollar.Braiding is not hard and you can save lots of money if you know how to braid. (Relate to audience or encourage to listen) I have been braiding hair since I was in the 5th grade. I can braid all types of hair and create all kinds of styles. ( (Establish Credibility) According to my hairdresser for the last 5 years, Alexis Gwen-miller states that you really need to be extremely careful about who braids your hair. She said that only those hairdressers who have been trained in dealing with natural hair should braid your hair; otherwise, you could end up with bald spots in your head. ( Oral citation -which can be used in any part of the speech. This students placed her oral citation in the introduction.) (Central idea…show more content…
In addition, you got to have some gel. You can use gel or jam or any kind of aid to keep the hair smooth, especially around the edges. Protein is probably the best. Rubber bands, which come in all different colors, hold the ends together, and keep the beads on the end of the hair. Also, the rubber band will hold the parted hair in place. And of course, you will need decorations, especially for children’s hair. There are many different kinds: Beads, Head bands, Ribbons, and Clamps. The decorations are Pretty, Stylish, and Match. Can’t forget the oil. Details information for 2nd Main point Detailed information for 3rdmain point) Conclusion In conclusion, braiding hair is very easy, once you get the special materials, and then select your style, and finally perform the steps for a beautiful style. (Restate or summary of 3 main points.) Braids are for all ages, male and female. Why don’t you try

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