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Some of you may have heard that a young, male Mallard duck was shot with a blow dart in the head. The dart went all the way through the head. The duck was still alive, able to fly and eat. I am writing this to tell you the story of how four of us went and caught the duck and saved it, and why it is bad to injure nature. On Friday January 4th the attempt to rescue began. Approximately a week ago on Fryer Creek inn Sonoma, California someone took a blow dart and shot a mallard duck in the head. They did not kill the duck but caused severe pain. The duck had evaded rescue several times, and some animal rescue agencies simply gave up. But one person would not give up. That person is Deborah Stroski, our librarian at Adele Harrison Middle School. If there is an animal in need Deborah responds. In early January, she heard about the duck and posted on Facebook that she needed help catching it. I messaged her and asked what I could do to help. Deborah told me that I could come with her and her son Ector to help catch the duck. That night we went down and looked for it. Once we located it we went home and made a plan. However, after many attempts we simply could not catch this duck. Wildlife of all kinds just seems to know that a human is after them. Two days later we grabbed…show more content…
If you hurt nature not only does it interrupt our eco system. For example, you all know the T-Rex. It was 40 feet long and weighed 5-7 tons. The long eared kit fox it was 45-54 cm. long and had huge ears for listening for its prey. Does anyone have an idea what these to animals have in common? They are both extinct. Recently, a few of the extinct animals are the eastern elk, mountain wolf, pocket gopher, ground sloth and many many more. Please do not hurt nature for fun. If anyone has information on whom shot the duck or who got a blow dart gun for Christmas please contact the Department of Fish and Game or our local police

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