Informative Speech On Canada Day

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Hi,everyone!Welcome to this program I am a Canadian! Due to the Canada Day is around the corner,today's topic is what it mean to be Canadian!I will lead you a unparalleled trip which offers you inco mparable audio and visual enjoyment ! First of all,let u highlight our unique universal features Canada is . located in the northern part of North America. and has 3 territories and 10 provinces We use Canadian dollar yes I see rich uncle Kenny bagsI know Canadian money looks like Monopoly money It is the world's second-largest country by total area. It consists of an advanced economy, considered one of the largest in the world. The economy is based upon its abundant natural resources, as well as its well-developed…show more content…
Girls: Canadian girls not only drink alcohol and eat bacon but also hunt bears (polar, black, brown or any other colour you can come up with) with their teeth in minus 40° weather - they are hardcore and will tear off your legs if you argue with them. teddy bears (pink, blue, green or any other color you can come up with) are cute and prefer indoor heating to frigid tundra. They too will tear off your legs if you argue with them, but will use a nail file instead of their teeth to do it. Canada is the 11th most obese country with about 24% of their people obese and 55% overweight. You might be ask should we be proud of this?And the answer is yes beacause you still can sit next to other Canadians on an airplane. 26.Canadians often leave the doors of their homes unlocked not the same in America likely because most people have guns in the crime rate is much higher actually that's not entirely fair we do have crime here in Canada theif a robber walked into our house we'd most likely offer our beer asking to stay in watch the Leafs game and comedies 29.We have the best hockey and the best beer in the world! Niagara grow the best peaches. B.C. has the best salmon; Nova Scotia has the best lobster. Quebec has the best Apples and the best Maple syrup. Alberta has the best beef and the Prairies grow the best wheat and flax. Military: The pictures say it

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