Informative Speech: Shopping For Used Cars

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Mitchel Opsahl Informative Speech Hour 7 November 27, 2013 Shopping For Used Cars Buying a used car over a new car is a significant advantage, also how to shop for one is much easier than you would think.. Have you always wanted that fancy sports car or that big lifted truck, but can't seem to afford it all? Well I have the answer you've been looking for. Buying a used car can be very fun and easy as long as you one, know how much how can afford to spend. Two, know what you're looking for. Three, how to look for it. Lastly , how to haggle. Although buying a new car may be stressful and time consuming, it can also be full of excitement and joy. At first, you want to find out how much you can afford to spend. Whether you will be buying it outright with cash, or taking out a car loan. In either case you want to want to budget the price. In the case of a loan you want to find out how much you can afford to spend every month and not be eating ramen noodles every night. You also can not forget to include the price of title transfer and registration fees on top of the price of the car. Plus you then want to get a quote from your insurance company to find out how much your insurance will be…show more content…
This is where most people make the biggest mistakes. You want to consider the purposes of the vehicle, who will be using the vehicle, and what the vehicle will be used for. Such as, if your job requires off road driving or you drive in rough conditions, you might want to consider a 4x4. Or if you have a larger family possibly consider a minivan. Or if you drive long distances consider a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage. Or if you have a child, don’t get a 2 door. Also take into consideration that if you have younger children that will be driving the vehicle, don’t buy a really expensive fancy car, it will get

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