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Once a Dream, Now a Reality Topic: Space Tourism General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience abut some interesting facts about space tourism. Central Idea: Even though space tourism was just a science fiction, it is now possible for you as an ordinary person to go into space. Introduction If you have ever dreamed of going into space, then you better listen carefully because I’m about to show you that it is pοssible and it’s called space tοurism. Space tοurism is the idea that an οrdinary persοn will have the oppοrtunity to travel beyοnd Earth’s atmοsphere, and experience οrbital flights, free gravity, space hοtels and much mοre. Body I. Dennis Tito was the first space tourist in 2001 A. Dennis Tito a multimillionaire American business person that paid 20 million dollars to the Russians in order to become the world’s first space tourist! B. Dennis Tito opened the door for space tourism, followed by others in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007 and so on… Now that you believe space tourism is real, I would like to tell you about the main reason behind space tourism II. Using space tourism as an investment A. Constructing industries and projects in outer space is really expensive B. NASA concluded that space tourism will be worth billions of dollars per year. C. Space tourism has the potential in decreasing the launch costs After the frequent number of space tourists over the years, private companies got motivated III. Private companies are planning for the space age A. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group are building a spaceport B. Hilton Hotel are partnering with NASA to build an “space hotel” Unfortunately, with every new idea there is an obstacle, IV. Some obstacles in space tourism’s way A. Founding B. Building a safe, reliable and reusable launch vehicle C. “Annoying details” (fluids cannot boil properly, sun
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