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The average damage was $362 for tenants with pets, and $323 for tenants without pets, a difference of about $40 and one that Frank says is statistically insignificant, meaning it could be due to random variables. Finding a place to rent that allows pets can be a nightmare but you also need to see how the owner of the property feels about pets. There are many pros to accepting pets into your rental property, many people get very discouraged when searching for a place to live when so many don’t accept any kind of pet. “In the FIREPAW survey, tenants in pet-friendly rentals stayed an average of 46 months, compared with 18 months for those in rentals prohibiting pets. This did not include tenants who harbored pets illegally, who also stayed only 18 months.” Not only will your tenants stay longer but they will also pay a little bit more to keep their furry pets with them. Most people believe their pets are not only a companion but a member of their family so when you don’t accept them that just means you don’t accept their family. However there are also many cons to accepting pets into your rental property. A lot of people believe that if you let pets into a property they are automatically going to cause a lot of damage to a property. “The deposit is not worth the work after the tenant leaves. You have no idea what it is to calm down another tenant who just stepped into a "surprise" in the yard. Please don't give me the story that you will pick it up. You only do that if someone is looking.” According to JOE HELKOWSKI. However you are also missing a big percentage of renters if you don’t accept pets. You will also have a higher turnover rate if you accept pets. In conclusion there are many pros such as tenants staying longer, higher rent, and your accepting their whole family not just some of it. As long as many cons such as damage, missing more renters,

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