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Today I’ll be talking about the Santa Clara Vanguard, one of many Drum and Bugle Corps from around the world that compete annually at the DCI World Championships. They are a world renowned organization and an integral part of the musical education and strong supporter of the arts in the bay area. Budget-cuts in public schools create a void that organizations like SCV and similar organizations fill. They are essential to students for musical education and the completion of extracurricular activity requirements that attract members from all over the world including Belgium, UK, Japan and Taiwan. The Vanguard has a rich history of educating young people, not only about music and the arts, but about life-long lessons and values. They were founded upon standards of excellence, respect and tradition. They were formed in Santa Clara in 1967 by Gail Royer. First known as The Sparks drum and bell corps. The parents didn’t approve of the switch to a drum corps, so Royer started anew drum and let the kids name it, and they picked Vanguard, which is by definition: the leading position of a movement, field, or cultural trend. They were incepted into Drum Corps International(DCI) in 1972. After the VFW and several other drum corps circuits merged. They consistently rank at the top of the competitive drum corps activity with 6 championship titles and 34 consecutive appearances in the world championships. Championships have been held at many different locations, particularly college and NFL stadiums, but DCI currently has a 10 year contract with Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. The Vanguard is well-known for being an innovative leader in the activity. They were the first to use asymmetrical show designs and challenging orchestral pieces from famous composers such as: Bartok, Holst, Rimsky-Korsakov, Copland and Bernstein. As their name suggests they are

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